Check list of documentation. Form1040

This is what we need to start preparing your US Individual Tax Return

This is the basic information we need to start preparing your US Tax Return.

Please be sure that you have upload all the information listed in this page. Upload your files.

In case you have received any other income not listed below, or your fiscal situation is more complicated than normal, please contact us. Please, if we already have the documentation for this list from previous years, please do not upload it again. If you are a delinquent filer, please, click HERE.

  1. Complete name, date of birth and SSN of taxpayer, spouse, and children or dependents. Pdf copy of the US passport and the SSN card.
  2. Current address where you live, and country where you have spent more than 183 days during last year, so you were fiscal resident of that country.
  3. ID number in Spain of taxpayer and spouse (DNI/NIE)
  4. Last year’s IRPF, Spanish Tax Returned, if you filed it, or from the country where you were fiscal resident, and this year’s IRPF Spanish Tax Return if you were fiscal resident of Spain during the year and a copy of the “datos fiscales” from the AEAT.
  5. Last year’s Form 1040 US Individual Tax Return, and State tax return if any.
  6. Employment income:
    1. Certificate form employer in Spain
    2. W2, indicating if the work was done in Spain or US.
    3. Any other employment income: i.e. unemployment compensation.
  7. Self-employment income:
    1. Type of economic activity. Income and expenses.
  8. Interests, Dividends and Capital Gains:
    1. Certificate of income from your bank in Spain. Fiscal data document issue by the bank.
    2. 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and 1099-B from US financial institution (proceeds and costs)
  9. Property income from rents: Please dowload the HELPRENT file:
    1. Complete address of any property owned (Spain & abroad) and % of ownership.
    2. Date of acquisition and price of acquisition. Date of the rental agreement.
    3. Income and expenses from the rent.
  10. Pensions and Social Security Benefits:
    1. Certificate of withholdings from Spanish INE.
    2. 1099-R from all annuities and distributions from your pension plans
    3. 199SSA from the Social Security.
  1. For 2020 and 2021 Tax Returns (Stimulus checks) :

Please provide amount received in 2020 for the EIP1 and the EIP2 (for eligible US citizens filing Single would be $1,200 and $600). The last check of $1,400 would be reported/claimed next year 2021). The stimulus check are Tax exempts in the US but need to be reported to claim them if you have not received them. Please, remember that after April 15th you will not be able to claim refunds of 2020 tax year.

  1. If you own more that 10% or are the administrator of a Spanish S.L.

Please upload the Modelo 200 “Impuesto de Sociedades” from the last two fiscal years.

  1. If you have Mutual Funds (Fondos de inversion) considered PFICs by the IRS, issued in Spain or any country outside the U.S.

We need the list of all the transactions of the PFIC (date, type of transaction, participations, and value) since it was opened.

  1. Please check if you need to file the FinCEN 114 (Foreign Bank Account Report – FBAR)

If you need us to file it for you, please let us know and if you file it by yourself, please, upload a copy with the rest of the docuemntation.



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