Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: U.S. Tax Consultants has been created to provide tax preparation services for US Citizens since 1965. We have been helping our clients by finding responses to their fiscal needs, with the confidence that we will always prepare a correct tax return for them.

Vision: The development of U.S. Tax Consultants in Spain and Portugal consolidating itself as the number one brand in American taxes in the Iberian Peninsula.

Values: At this point, 2023, the values of US Tax Consultants are:

1. Obsession for the client: “If someone calls us, it is because they need help.” Taxes are hard to understand, and they are not easy for the clients; they cannot be aware of the consequences of the decisions they make when signing a tax return, and they need to have confidence that we will prepare a correct tax return. And this means turning clients into fans who believe, promote, and keep coming back to our company. We cultivate this client loyalty through exhaustive communication, within the company, and with clients.

2. Constant innovation: We embrace change, because we always keep up to date with new laws and procedures, with new software and technology and because we strive to be even more efficient in our work.

3. Predisposition to action: We all are ready to take the initiative in the face of any challenge to make the company work more smoothly: as finding a fast response to clients’ needs, to make them feel important, to be proactive finding solution for the clients’ needs.

4. Employees and collaborators: Human capital is the most important asset of the company, and that is why we offer the best possible working conditions to make them happy and satisfied. When employees feel valued, they value our customers: they are more empathic with stakeholders, more motivated to do the work and better help the clients.

5. Democratization of prices: We believe in a low-price policy, which means that our fees are based on the time spent and the complexity of the service provided, so that we can compete with the low-cost companies, even though we continue to offer our clients a personalized service, high quality, professional assistance, because our clients come first. We prefer many clients with a very low business margin than a few clients with a large margin.

6. Accessibility and availability: Our services can be used by all people, regardless the time of day, or their physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities. Our platform allows our clients to instruct us and access their information 24/7. We work hard to eliminate any possible barrier to communication.