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The Entrepreneur Service Points (PAE by its initials in Spanish) are responsible for facilitating the creation of new companies, the effective start of their activity and their development, through the provision of information services, documentation processing, advice, training and support to the business financing.

If you need guidance and support related to your activity as a self-employed worker, you can consult us as the Entrepreneur Assistance Point (PAE) specialized in foreigners who want to settle in Spain, expats under the Digital Nomad fiscal regime…

In addition, we offer you a free information and advice service.

PAE points offer a wide range of services:

Information on the characteristics, legal framework, most important commercial aspects, tax advantages, accounting aspects, processing systems, applicable regulations of:

  • Limited Liability Companies (SRL),
  • Civil societies,
  • Communities of goods,
  • Individual Entrepreneurs (Self-Employed) and
  • Limited Liability Entrepreneurs

In addition, information is offered on other legal forms in force in the commercial legal system.

Constitution of companies through the telematic processing system developed by the General Directorate of Industry and SMEs, using the Single Electronic Document (DUE). This service must be provided on a mandatory and free basis.

Information on aid and incentives for business creation applicable to the project.

Information on the applicable Social Security regime, membership criteria, affiliation, contributions, etc.

General information on topics of interest to companies, such as: Financing, taxation, labor contracting, internationalization, research, technological development and innovation, business cooperation, etc.

Please, do not hesitateto contact us US Tax Consultants or book a free consultation; or contact us through our email: info@ustaconsultants.es


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