Training and updating for continuous improvement at US Tax Consultants.

Two weekly team training sessions at US Tax Consultants.

 Being updated on tax regulatory changes is a necessity to maintain a priority objective for our company: the level of quality of our service.

For this, our employees attend two weekly meetings to share knowledge and advance in the process of continuous improvement.

Monday: sharing of experiences and tax news.

In one of the meetings, which is held every Monday, real cases and experiences related to our clients are shared and discussed, especially those that are new, to keep the entire team up to date on regulatory changes in the IRS and AEAT, and the clients current tax situation. It is a collaborative team work.

Tuesday: training sessions for the IRS and AEAT tax team.

Another weekly formative meeting is held every Tuesday. These are training sessions on Spanish and American taxation, mainly to contrast the relationships and interactions of the laws of the two countries and the implication that tax returns from one country may have on the other.

In these meetings, important issues have been discussed, such as what can and should be included in a 720, the classification of US LLCs and how they are declared within the Spanish personal income tax. Training has also been provided on less common official US tax documents such as 1099INT, 1099DIV, 1099B, 1042 and their personal income tax declaration for expats residing in Spain, among others.

All employees of the U.S. Tax Consultants participate.

 Both sessions are led by our CEO, Antonio Rodríguez de Peñaranda, who has extensive experience as a Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS and an Acceptance Agent. Meetings in which the participation is encouraged for professionals of U.S. Tax Consultants enriching the information with their points of view and particular experiences.

To offer confidence and peace of mind to our clients.

 The result is a professional team with a high qualification prepared to solve any need or problems in the U.S. and Spanish taxes.

It is our way of providing peace of mind and confidence to our clients. Know that your taxes are in the best hands.

Antonio Rodriguez – US Tax Consultants

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  1. Howard Stoler

    This is one of several reasons I have trusted US Tax Consultants to prepare my Spanish and US tax returns for over 20 years.


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