TESOL SPAIN – Cáceres 2024

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TESOL-SPAIN was founded in 1977 as an independent, non-profit making Spanish association of English language teachers. Today TESOL-SPAIN is a nationwide organization with a membership that represents all sectors of English language teaching throughout the country. It is a voluntary organization dedicated to addressing pertinent issues for teachers of English in Spain. The organization provides a forum for colleagues to meet and share ideas and techniques as well as to discuss professional issues. We aim to keep our members abreast of current concerns, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of language education in Spain at regional and national events. Through our regional structure, TESOL-SPAIN organises workshops and other events in different parts of the country throughout the academic year.

The British Council in Spain plays an active part in promoting these teachers associations, and TESOL-SPAIN is pleased to be linked to this prestigious organisation. TESOL-SPAIN is an associate member of two international teacher associations: TESOL Inc and IATEFL. We also maintain strong links with local teachers’ associations in Spain and abroad.

Teacher Training College – University of Extremadura – Cáceres 8-10th March 2024

Filling the gaps is a language exercise we are all familiar with; it points us towards what is missing, directing our attention.

For 2024 we bring you the theme of Filling the Gaps to do some collective stock-taking and examine how we approach language teaching, as individuals, from the viewpoint of the classroom and as an educational community.

Since the 1990s and the introduction of experimental bilingual programmes, language teaching in Spain has been in constant evolution; language schools have gained more ground than ever, while in the public sector bilingual programmes present new challenges and opportunities as well.

There are gaps between these worlds, and how we choose to interpret them may determine how our language teaching landscape will evolve in the short and long-term. For next year’s convention, we propose to take a moment to create synergies to improve language learning in all sectors, keeping in mind our students and our work as educators.

We therefore welcome proposals which recognize the need for inclusivity in teaching methodologies and resources, which explore the myriad ways in which language teachers can fill the gaps to create a greater, more dynamic, and flexible teaching horizon to the benefit of those who learn from us.

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