Non-residents in Spain – Modelo 210

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We help you to determine if you are a nonfiscal resident in Spain and how that can affect your tax obligations in Spain and if you must file a Tax Return in Spain, Modelo 210, and how you must report your status to the AEAT – Spanish Tax Authorities.

The tax returns of non-residents will be at a tax rate between 19%, for residents in EU countries, and 24% for the rest of the world, according to the type of income received: income obtained in Spain from economic activities, possession of a second residence, pensions, and real estate capital income. If it is income from movable capital (dividends, interest…) the applicable tax rate is 19%

We provide advice and prepare all kind of Modelos before the AEAT – Spanish Fiscal Authorities – for nonfiscal residents, regardless their nationality if you receive:

  • Income derived from economic activities and work income, pensions and other similar benefits, the remuneration of administrators and members of the Boards of Directors, when paid by an entity resident in Spanish territory.
  • Income from movable capital: Dividends and other income derived from the participation of entities resident in Spain, interest and other income obtained from the assignment of own capital to third parties.
  • Income from real estate capital derived from real estate located in Spanish territory, whether they are imputed income from urban real estate for your use or for renting, when they come from real estate located in Spain.

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