As have done in the past, we plan to have again a new round of Need-To-Know Seminars or information sessions on the “Fiscal Obligations of US Expats living in Spain.” We have been postponing them because of the COVID restrictions and finally we expect to have them between the end of February and the month of March of 2022. We are organizing them in Madrid, Sevilla, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona.

Due to the characteristics of its activity, linked to the management of groups of people, we are currently experiencing a radical transformation as a result of COVID-19, especially with the incorporation of new security measures and health protocols to configure spaces insurance. We plan to have every session on streaming as another possibility to the face-to-face session which always bring better questions and answers.

US Tax Consultants will always keep the established regulations as the bottom line of requirements for the Need-To-Know Seminars, in compliance with the standards established by the authorities, both by the Ministry of Health and by the correspondent Autonomy at the regional level.

During the presentation we will cover important issues as Residency for Tax porpoises, the Treaty to Avoid the Double Taxation and the implications of FATCA of our lives on daily bases, apart from the formal obligations such us Modelo 720, Modelo 100 and Modelo 493 of the AEAT and the Form 1040 and the FinCEN 114 (FBAR) of the IRS.

Please do not hesitate to check from time to time our calendar of events for the specific dates, times and venues in each location or call us directly to our office.

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  1. Candy LaBalle

    Thanks for these seminars, can you prepare one on how US expats in Spain can invest in funds, pensions, ETFs… that are not PFICs and how to know if our pensions are PFICS. And what to do if we have PFICS.
    I know many expats holding private pensions in Spain and very few know that those pensions are PFICs nor what to do about it.
    This is a very complex topic, please can you do a seminar or blog post about it?


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