IRS Actively Targeting Taxpayers For Passport Denial/Revocation

May 9, 2019 | FATCA, IRS - Internal Revenue Service | 0 comments

The IRS is now actively in the process of issuing Notices CP508C to hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayers–placing all notified taxpayers’ passports in serious jeopardy. Several news outlets this week report that the U.S. State Department confirms that it has already acted on its part in the process and denied passports to an undisclosed number of taxpayers. Reports also confirm that the IRS has already successfully collected over $11.5 million from over 200 taxpayers trying desperately to avoid passport denial. Passport denials are alarming enough-but the same authority used to deny passports also grants the IRS and the U.S. State Department the power to work in tandem to revoke a passport, as well.


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