Difficulties and challenges of having tax obligations in Spain and the U.S.A.

Jul 31, 2022 | AEAT, IRS - Internal Revenue Service | 0 comments

We understand the difficulties and challenges of having tax obligations in both countries, because US Tax Consultants is a company with offices in Madrid, Asturias (Spain) and Algarve (Portugal), and partners in Portugal and Italy, with national and international clients, and with 56 years of experience in filing American and Spanish taxes. Thanks to our professionalism and quality control, our clients have the peace of mind that provides a job well done.

We are tax specialists in the United States and Spain, and we understand the difficulties and challenges of having tax obligations in both countries. We can prepare and file all kinds of declarations and reports in Spain and in the United States, for which we have the necessary accreditations to do so in both countries.

On the one hand, we have the status of Social Collaborator of the AEAT, which allows us to file all kinds of returns through our digital signature and on the other, we have in our firm several professional tax preparers certified by the IRS and we are also IRS Acceptance Agents.

Our tax experts provide our clients with a comprehensive tax advice and management service in such a way that, by complying with the current tax system, the objective of optimizing their taxation is achieved.

In this field, we are backed by our 56 years of experience preparing both personal IRPF and 1040, tax returns in Spain and the USA, respectively, with clients of all kinds, mainly individuals.

Thanks to our years of experience, at US Tax Consultants we offer the possibility of analyzing and proposing solutions to problems that may arise because of different actions that people have to face:

  • Tax returns of expatriates residing in Spain.
  • Statements of assets abroad for residents and nationals.
  • Change of residence of individuals (expatriates, etc.).
  • Succession planning and donations with a foreign element.
  • Tax aspects with cryptocurrencies.
  • Constitution and maintenance of entities abroad.
  • Taxation of LLCs for residents in Spain.

We carry out the analysis of internal regulations, double taxation agreements and destination regulations, in order to provide all the tax information that may affect expatriation

Tax registration in the country of destination and deregistration in the country of origin, presentation of tax returns. Tax advice on the return to the country of origin. Carrying out tax calculations, to estimate the global tax burden.


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