¿Cómo acceder a la universidad en U.S.A.?

Nov 25, 2016 | Education, IRS - Internal Revenue Service | 0 comments

Ready to practice your English?! 😉

Access USA hopes you liked the guide 10 Claves para el acceso a la universidad en USA” and that it was able to answer some of your questions.  Access USA still has lots of additional information to share with you, so stay in touch, visit their website and Facebook page.

If you are not quite sure yet whether a U.S. college education is for you, don’t worry.  It’s a big decision!  Access USA will be happy to help you by providing more information, advice and tips.

If you are already convinced that study in the U.S is the right step for you, Access USA is here to work with you to help you achieve your goals, with a personalized strategy.  The next step is a brief telephone call to tell you more about the process.

Deadlines for Fall 2017 are coming up soon, so contact them. You will like our assistance with the application process.  If your expected start date is fall 2018 or later, now is the perfect time to begin the process and avoid rushing at the last minute.

For those that sign up before January 1, we will offer 20% off the program price, for having visited our website.  You will also get a FREE definitive guide “381 BEST AMERICAN COLLEGES.


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