ACM “Need to Know Seminars” Spanish and U.S. fiscal obligations of U.S. citizens residing in Spain. MADRID

Feb 19, 2018 | AEAT, FATCA, FBAR, IRPF Spanish Tax Return, IRS - Internal Revenue Service, Modelo 720, Spanish Tax Return for non-residents, US Tax Return 1040 / 1040NR | 0 comments

April 26th – Thursday 19:00 at Sagardoy Abogados (c/Tutor, 24 – Madrid)

American Club of Madrid (ACM) NEED TO KNOW SEMINAR. Everything you need to know about taxes in Spain and in the U.S.A. for your tax returns 2017 for US citizen’s residents in Spain. Form 1040: Worldwide income, possible deductions and exclusions. FBAR and FATCA implications. Tax residence of the expatriate and its taxation for IRPF and IRNR. Beckham Law rules 2017. Spanish Income Tx for residents and non-residents.

Speakers: Alejandra Pastor (Sagardoy Abogados) and Antonio Rodríguez (US Tax Consultants)

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